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credits and misc!

.:* MISC *:.

check out 'The Upturned', 'At least there is Ceda Cedovic', 'Pizza Tower' and 'King of the Hat'

fun fact when i want to capitalize first letter of a word, instead of holding shift while typing it i turn on caps lock, type it, and turn off caps lock. i will NOT elaborate

Eric Cartman cover of Poker Face is unironically 100% better than original

on that note, Weezer cover of 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' is better than the original in my opinion. i just think their style fit more

shoutout to my man Polecat for bookmarking my site and saying "its just that good" while it wasn't even 1% done

shoutout to Srap for laughing at Polecat one night for passing out while on their computer and shortly after somehow passing out as well

shoutout to 'bits & Bytes' for making me :sob: a lot and 'Online Confine' for tolerating my insanity

.:* CREDITS *:.

every font on this site is sourced from, made by VileR

some backgrounds are made by me, some can be found here or are alternatively taken from google

buttons are taken from various sources listed as free to use, theyre here to define my site and myself lol