ayo wtf i make website???!

another random page of my site

till i finish this, here are my links.

Welp I guess there are some news to share. I have been stranded from my pc for past 4-5 months as of typing this (2023/29/7) and it will be indefinite as far as I'm aware. Sadly I have no say in this, my life situation is AWFUL and I am not home at all. All I've got on me is my dumb iPhone. Don't worry about me, it's not permanent and one day I will return. For now thought, god knows what will happen with me. I turn 18 next year so hopefully stuff will get better when I do have say in stuff, being parentless ain't easy ya know? Til then you guys will be stuck at a dead end, yes there are more pages than this but they are currently still under construction thus will not be linked no more. Oh well. So as far as my activity pretty much ANYWHERE, I'm greatly fucked so you will probably see me mostly on Discord, whatever else is a rarity. And my art is on a "hiatus" from being gone as my skill has severely downed by being limited with my tools and such. o7

Made on my friend's pc with a lot of sadness put into it.

if, for any reason, you need to reach out to me feel free to dm me on discord. link to my profile.